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I specialize in psychic readings and mediumship reading. One thing to remember is that our loved ones never leave us. The physical body leaves but their soul is still with us.

About Me

As a prior EMT(Emergency Medical Technician) Esther knows firsthand the impact tragedy and grief can have on a loved one. Esther not only had to make split-second life or death decisions,but she also helped those who were impacted heal from grief.Esther’s passion for helping others and her natural gifts led her to embrace her purpose as a psychic medium. Her trustworthy approach and gentle nature put you at ease as she connects to your soul to provided direction and guidance or connects to the soul of a loved one in spirit to bring through memories and heartfelt messages. Esther has trained extensively to hone her gifts and is passionate about giving her clients a loving and healing experience. Book your session with Esther today!

I connect to your loved ones in spirit to help you heal.

I provide guidance with things happening in your life.

I connect to your loved ones in spirit as well as your soul.


“I was blessed to witness Esther’s beautiful gift at an event back in December. I was in awe of her talent and the healing she was able to provide to others. I recently had a private reading with her. It was profound, extremely validating, and comforting to have my loved one come through to her. She is the real deal!!!! So grateful for my experience and can’t wait to meet with her again. “


“Esther helped me discover and connect with my departed father and a long-lost friend . The friend was my brother’s friend who had passed away the year prior. What made my reading extraordinary was the fact that I had never met the friend. Her connection was so powerful that he came through for my brother. I felt a mystical realm that bridged the gap between this world and the next, as Esther became a conduit for messages and memories, offering solace and rekindling bonds that transcend the boundaries of time and space. I would say my experience was profound and supernatural. Where the extraordinary becomes a conduit for healing and understanding. I left feeling a sense of peace.”


“I had several sessions a with Esther, & she has been such a professional in a compassionate way. She brought me comfort & peace during the difficult time of my mothers’s passing.”


“Esther is such an amazing gifted soul who gave me comfort and healing she brought back memories of joy during my reading that were heart warming I am grateful for the time she gave me and looking forward to our next reading.”


“I’ve enjoyed the benefits from multiple readings with Esther. She brings through specific details and events that only my family and friends on the other side could know. Esther’s psychic gifts make these beautiful connections possible, and have brought me peace, joy and even helped my business. Working with her has shown me that life never ends and our loved ones (including pets!) stay connected to us even after they physically mover on.”


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